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Default Re: Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Vagueness. The bread and butter of the conspiracy nut. That could mean ANYTHING. Should we WET OUR PANTS LIKE CHILDREN?

Should we believe everything someone tells us? Seems to me you'd have to believe the story given to you by the conspirators as well as by the people who wish to expose the conspiracy.

Why does it seem to you that one would have to believe BOTH the CONSPIRATORS and the people who wish to expose the conspiracy?

A child would believe that Oswald killed the prez, if the FBI told him so.

Do you still wish to be like a child now I've highlighted this point?

I see no point in conspiracy theory. You will never get the majority of folk to believe you, because of how bad your evidence is and how silly it all sounds.

If you don't see any point in conspiracy theory, this is not the forum for you.

You've already lost if Alex Jones and David Icke and Project Camelot are your statesmen.

Inside the box.

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