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Default Re: Trust No-One. NO-ONE. Especially Me

You have to kill all concreted belief systems. Kill the Illuminati - all of them - and their system is gone for good. The rest of us probably need to die too as our sense of reality is so low and that is just as concreted as the Illuminati's sense of superiority.

We are all the messiah, we are all anointed by the same magic energies.

I've done miracles. I get the coincidences. I've altered reality, even killed people with it-by accident. I've taught people how to do it. You just have to see the magic in every little mundane thing. Soon enough stuff starts to happen. It is like the world reaches out to you and talks to you in symbols.

I've even seen the gods, on a bit of simple cannabis(which I found on the street -coincidentally. I'd found another bag a few months before in very odd circumstances) The gods were very colourful people floating in a kind of darkness that wasn't scary. They were the lights in the darkness. Seeing them and feeling their presence broke me up in grief. I roared with sorrow, a massive bellow of loss like somekind of animal. Primal emotional mourning.

It's making me cry talking about it, and I'm in a public library!
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