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Default Alternet smears Oath Keepers as domestic terrorists

Source: Alternet Smears Oath Keepers as domestic terrorists - USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

Alternet has done the terrible deed of smearing Oath Keepers as Right-Wing domestic terrorists. Right now the Bilderberg elite are upset that their plans of a New World Order, world population reduction, and eugenics aren't going through as planned because of the alternative media, patriot groups, rebellious groups, and brave journalists out there. For a while the Bilderberg Group is trying to smear patriot groups, Oath Keepers, anti New World Order groups, and Survivalists as domestic terrorists. Two examples of patriot groups being labeled as terrorists is that the Department of Justice is listing Constitutionalists plus Survivalists in Extremism Guide, and Terrorism Awareness and Prevention PDF brought out by VA state police last year it also smears Anti-NWO and gun rights groups as terrorists.

So according to the screenshot below the article smearing Oath Keepers as domestic terrorists is accessible right on Alternets front page


and the title of his article is "The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen".

The Oath-Keepers--Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen

So according to this article Oath Keepers are scary violent domestic terrorists that are only republican because they are considered Right Wingers. That means this article also puts am partisan spin on all Oath Keepers that wear the patch (Oath Keepers; Guardians of the Republic; Not on our watch; Don't tread on me). Even Facebook has went to war against profiles which contains a photo of the Gadsden Flag.

This is some of the quotes that are attempting to smear Oath Keepers as domestic terrorists:

And they’re prepared to commit acts of violence if need be. They’re armed, trained, and hopped up on an outsized Glenn-Beckian sense of grievance. Scary people.

So basically hes telling people that these people will not take any kind of peaceful route and only revolt as a last resort, and that Oath Keepers just want to protect the Constitution that has been under great attack since the Patriot Act.

2nd quote:

All terrorists are animated by a belief that they’re serving a higher purpose, and the Oath Keepers no doubt think that their dedication to the Constitution makes them ‘freedom fighters.’

So in other words this guy is saying that all those patriot groups, survivalists, Oath Keepers, and anybody against the New World Order must all be crazy paranoia tin foil hat wearers that love to commit domestic terrorist acts plus are Right Wingers.

3rd quote:

Oath Keepers don’t. They’re not pledging to uphold the Constitution as interpreted by the judicial branch. Every cop and member of the military, including non-wing-nuts, are tasked with that enterprise, at least in theory. They are saying that they will violently uphold their own interpretations of what is and is not Constitutional, or the interpretations of Michelle Bachmann or Rush Limbaugh.

So this guy is spreading the partisanship because he still believes we either have to be Republican or Democrat and that anybody speaking out against a Democrat politician has to be a Right-Wing Republican, and anyone speaking out against a Republican politician has to be a Left-Wing Democrat. Anybody speaking out against their government nowadays is being put in a box and either labeled as a Democrat or Republican when this may not even be the case.

This guy also assumes that Oath keepers don't care to uphold the Constitution but that is not the case either. All these patriot groups of people have been fighting for the Constitution since George Bush Sr. spoke of a New World Order that will end the sovereignty of the United States.

4th quote:

The Oath Keepers represent the executive branch. Michelle Bachmann represents the legislative branch. Rush Limbaugh is, most generously, an entertainer. So the moment one of these yahoos decides to put his or her oath into action based on any of their views of what’s Constitutional, he or she will be committing a straightforward act of domestic terrorism, and it’s really that simple.

Right now anybody who is even a Patriot is being attacked right now because the Bilderberg Group wants them destroyed because that will be their only way to make sure nobody stands in their way for a One World Government. To successfully have world governance the Bilderberg Group must destroy anyone who stands in their way and so by taking control and owning media websites including the Mainstream media the Bilderberger's can release any propaganda they wish plus including half truths, or some truths to brainwash the sheeple to go against themselves instead of the real enemy.

Apparently the whole site of Alternet has become a pro partisan, pro lefty site, attacking any patriot groups as domestic terrorists because they have been taken over by the Bilderberg Group along with their puppet Barack Obama.

The Bilderberger's really want Obama to lead us into the New World Order all because of Henry Kissinger telling the media that Obama will lead us into the New World Order and will use a crises as a great opportunity. Whether you are pro left or right you must realize that Obama and all past presidents was made to serve the elite and those that don't wish to serve the elite but yet want to serve the American people, usually get assassinated or assassination attempts. Obama is no exception and Henry Kissinger talking about Obama is proof of the fact Obama is another corporate marketing creation.

[stream flv= img= mp4= embed=true share=true width=710 height=480 dock=true controlbar=bottom bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

So with media sites and Federal agencies demonizing Oath Keepers, survivalists, Anti-NWO, Constitutionalists, and patriot groups as terrorists, could the SWAT Teams and the FBI pull the trigger on these American patriots or will they be awake to the fact they are hearing propaganda by the Bilderberg Group.

Will the Alternative Media expose the fact that alternet which is suppose to be a alternative news outlet is shilling for the New World Order? Well one alternative news site just exposed this and I hope others will bring out the truth about the fact that Patriot Groups are being demonized as domestic terrorists.

Sources for this article includes:

Oath Keeper Patch

Terrorism Awareness and Prevention PDF

The Oath-Keepers: Right-Wing Domestic Terrorists Waiting to Happen « SpeakEasy

Department of Justice Lists Constitutionalists in Extremism Guide - USWGO Alternative News

VA State Police Say Anti-NWO and Gun Rights Activists are Terrorists

Facebook Deletes Official Alex Jones Page Over Gadsden Flag

Obama has taken over AlterNet (, censors all USWGO Content again!

Kissinger: Obama Will Create A New World Order

John Pilger: Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation
This is absolutely insane. Oath Keepers are not terrorists and if there are probably a few extreme ones the few extreme ones are probably agent provocateurs.

This is insane the Bilderberg Group wants to demonize Oath keepers, militias, gun rights groups, patriot groups, and anti-nwo groups and label them as domestic terrorists.

Future the elites will bring:

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