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Default Re: Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
I don't know why you take albie so seriously BlueAngel.

In my opinion he's not genuine.
Just because I have inquired of albie doesn't imply that I take him seriously or think he is genuine.

I inquire of many members who post on this forum.

In that way, I can ascertain to the best of my ability whether they are sincere or not and, for the most part, I can with 100 percent certainty state that there aren't many members of this forum who are serious other than myself.

FYI, I'm certain it is you who has taken albie seriously, Gale, and not me as demonstrated by your thread in the SUPPORT AREA about albie and how you have taken offense to one of his comments directed at you which, IYO, was a threat.

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