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Where have all the people of American gone?

Where are all the voices that were once strong?



Sell-outs like all the rest.

Where are all the jobs?


In distant lands

While we stand in the unemployment lines

and our military are used to protect the interests

of the very few in far away places

while they prosper and we suffer

leaving only traces

of shattered and broken hearts

And, I throb

My heart that is

It aches for a place

for all of us

but we don't fit in

We're not in their plan

It's their sham and their scam


When I was very young, they wanted me to believe

but I knew

I had been deceived

all for the profit and greed of the very few

I don't want a third world country


that's not what she was meant to be

or was she

all through the deception and misconception by those

who tell us what is, but, what really is not

so, we fight, in far away places

leaving only traces

of broken hearts

and families

living in the dark

trying to mend and put back the pieces

of their shattered lives

all for the sake of the very few

protecting their interests

and their lies

while we fight for them

believing we are fighting for us

it's so untrue

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