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Default Re: Offence Taken at albie's Being Bumped Off Quip

Doesn't mean I worship him, or even believe he is actually Satan. the mind with a bit of magic can conjure up fake satans and fake Gods, and whatever it likes. But you are changing the subject. You clearly suggested that you were being woken up by 'bumps'. You are SO paranoid that you cannot think straight. I bet all the accusations you have placed to us have come to naught.

Also, a mind with a bit of magic can manifest HIS OWN HARASSERS. You may want to consider that. It is logical that writing books like you do that you have wondered if it qualifies you for harassment from the Illuminati. Maybe you got what you wanted. Maybe you caused coincidences that made it look like they were interested in you. In the same way that David Icke suddenly starts to meet person after person who has seen a reptoid. He had read about reptoids beforehand, not really taking it in, and then started to meet people who had seen them. Clearly reptoids would make a fine addition to his works.

And I get 'satan' in my head. Like he'd have the time to come and pollute my weak mind.

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