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Default Re: Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

Blueangel, I don't care if you care if I care if you care If Osama Obama Bin Barak Bush cares.

Why do you feel the need to point it out? AND YET STILL RESPOND TO MY POSTS? Don't respond if you don't care.

Why waste your time? Clearly it bothers you a great deal that I don't believe at the drop of a hat. If you don't care then why does this forum exist? You are a cat licking the cream saying "I don't want to lick this cream."

You want me to go through EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the 9/11 theme debunking it? A typical forum trick: ask for a massive and labour intensive act and then point out how suspicious it is when I don't do it. Boring tactic.

>>I don't care what scene in Star Wars foretold the death of Princess Diana.

Some conspiracy nut YOU are!
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