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Default Just How Pathetic Is The "Right" Press When Attempting To Counter The "Left"?

Please consider Christopher Hitchens response to Michael Moores Farenheit 9-11.

Hitchens is pretty intelligent. Take the time to read his response to Moore.

It is truly pathetic...absoloutly pathetic.

This is the best they can come up with?

They must be paying big cheques down at the editors and journalist CIA division - propaganda department.

As it is so bad...including the whole 9-11 fiasco, which relies on an incredibly docile and ignorent (though waking up) peasant class and sold out media to get by...i am offering my services to the Right/Left Banker/Gangsta NWO Clique to get the standard of scams up.

The latest scam of an "errant" light aircraft was so bad that i cried. Tom Ridges wavering, multi coloured Christmas tree provided at least some comic relief.

Mohammed Atta's 'pristine' passport in the rubble doozie, the Koran in the bar and flight manuals in the car boot fairy tale all go to show that this is in fact, an operation run by amatures with big wallets, who are plainly out of idea's and scraping the bottom of the "covert op personal" barrel.

I am offering my vivid imagination to the "gangsta banka owl worshippers" for but a small amount of their monopoly money and a few Cuban Cigars.

I have well developed organizational skills and can multi task due to my right side brain development.

Please contact me on this e-mail...

This is a genuine offer.

If I must go up in flames in a manufactured WW3 scenario I demand it be done by competent, professional, international crooks.

To be done over by this crowd of amature kiddie fiddlers is to much for my giant ego.

I demand a suitable NWO scammer oponent. Stop insulting me.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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