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Default Re: Who or What Agency Deleted My Post?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>Surely in this one sentence you have just admitted to being a disinformation agent?

Now, either I assume you are not too bright(and have missed the finer implications of what I've said) or this is yet another forum cliche of feigning stupidity - in the hope of simply being able to respond in any form. I hope it is the latter as otherwise I am wasting my breath in explaining this.

WE BOTH are disinfo agents -UNWITTINGLY. Because we share info that is unverified -VAGUE. 90% of all people on conspiracy forums fall under this catagory.

Do you STILL imagine that YOU ALONE have spotted there is something wrong with the laws of physics?

Do you realise how unlikely that sounds? Because when I've asked you this before you fail to answer me. You are not facing up to the stretch of logic that would be required. Hence you are a disinfo agent. That's the euphemism anyway.
The government falls under the category of disinformation agents because they share information that is unverified - VAGUE.
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