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Default Re: Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Most of 9/11 can be debunked by VAGUENESS. Just as most of all conspiracy can be debunked. THEY ALWAYS RELY ON AREAS OF AMBIGUITY. Nobody serious can read the words "I heard explosions in the twin towers." and decided that is definitely explosions they heard, rather than rubble falling. Sounds are VAGUE. Hence not reliable. Finding an unexploded bomb is NOT VAGUE. See how I require a higher standard of evidence? I don't require a higher standard of evidence to piss you off, or to cover up 9/11. I require a higher standard of evidence BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE DO.

90% of conspiracy theory is the same level of VAGUE EVIDENCE.

What was 9/11? That's not my job to say. All I can do is look at the evidence and hope it tells me. THAT'S WHAT INTELLIGENT PEOPLE DO. The evidence says it was a terrorist act so far.
What evidence says that it was a terrorist attack?

The evidence that the government provided you?

Do you believe everything the government tells you?

I mean, seriously.

On one hand, you say you've debunked both 911 versions; government and conspiracy and have another theory that is in a suspicious zone, but, on the other hand, you say that you're convinced 911 was a terrorist attack.

Can't have it both ways, pal.

Sounds like you're sitting on the fence to me.

One must decide one way or the other.

Conspiracy or terrorist attack.

What say you?

Terrorist attack, conspiracy, or how 'bout you tell us about that suspicious zone you mentioned and inform us, while you're at it, how you've debunked both versions of 911; government and conspiracy.

I think you're confused.

Conspiracy theories exist when the evidence provided by the GOVERNMENT is VAGUE.

Case in point.

The JFK single bullet theory.

I suppose you believe OSWALD killed Kennedy of his own accord.

If you do, you would fall into the one percentile.

Case in point.


Four planes off-course with lost communication at the same time on 911 and NORAD did not respond nor did the United State's military.

Good for you that you require a higher standard of evidence such as an unexploded BOMB in the twin towers to convince you that it wasn't an "inside" job.

The rest of us don't require that evidence because when the "rogue" CIA is involved evidence to that degree does not exist; thus the reason the twin towers and all four jets were burned to ashes and an unexploded bomb was not found.

That might be what you consider INTELLIGENT people require, but those of us who possess INTELLIGENCE do not require the same because we know how THEY operate and you, apparently, do not because you might be INTELLIGENT but you do not possess INTELLIGENCE.

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