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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Does it help the conspiracy/awakening movement to lie? That's my point. I looked up his accusation and found it to be a lie.. Who else could look into that accusation and find it a lie and be put off forever?

I started out believing in conspiracy, always did think JFK was a dodgy event. 9/11 had me out there looking for the best chunks of evidence to enhance my view - but I kept being disappointed by conspiracy nuts. Their evidence was not good enough and often easily debunked. Now I kind of flip flop back and forth with each new bit of evidence I come across.

Personally I think 90% of conspiracy nuts are DAMAGING the conspiracy scene. As are you with your story above. You seem to lack the perspective to judge the evidence. You have mistaken your feelings for a subject for your intellectual weighing up of it. YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IN CONSPIRACY SO MUCH THAT ANY EVIDENCE NO MATTER HOW INSIGNIFICANT IS BLOWN UP INTO A MOUNTAIN.

Sorry but that mole coming out of the top of your mountain should tell you where you've gone wrong.

"but as this is used routinely as a normal procedure, I can quite well imagine more devious scenarios. Including creative editing of film footage. "


That word tells you all you need to know. Come back when we aren't looking at stuff in your head. We need FACTS. You need to convince the majority of the public -that's the aim of being a conspiracy theorist. Surely.

We can't show them something in your imagination.
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