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Default Re: I think it to be true!

At the beginning of July the USA sent 7,000 marines and 46 warships to Costa Rica. This wasn't much publicised but is locatable on the www easily. The reason given for sending what amounts to and invasion fleet was the usual empty reason "the war on drugs". It was also claimed the troops were going there to provide "humanitarian aid".

Reading the spanish based online Costa Rican newspapers I find that the politicians in Costa Rica don't understand, they weren't aware that their country needed humanitarian aid and, more to the point, how is a Harrier jet to accomplish humanitarian aid? Furthermore the opinion was that 46 warships (naturally including and aircraft carrier with an enormous compliment of men, submarine killer ships and attack helicopters) and 7,000 marines was "overkill" for the war on drugs.

I too feel that there is another incident coming (after the fake war in Pakistan) but my guess is that Venezuela that will be found to be in breach of some "regulation" as set down by the world's policeman - NATO and the US military. And surprise surprise, a substantial war fleet is in the area already - now there's a coincidence.

The history of Hugo Chávez and the USA has not been great and let's not forget that Venezuela has oil, gas, gold, diamonds and iron ore. Venezuela contains some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world. It consistently ranks among the top ten crude oil producers in the world.

Assets seem to be the common link - the Persian Gulf States and those close by have oil and minerals. Afghanistan has opium too (whose production has increased not decreased). The Congo has been in a state of perpetual war since I lived there in the 60s - they have loads of valuable minerals. The former Yugoslavia was all but ignored until the last moment - no assets there.
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