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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

>>And exactly what perspective do I lack? I posted a link to some photos that HAD been used by the FBI without the individual's permission. I linked it to no particular story, simply pointed out that this goes on.

Using a photo of someone without there permission is FAR FAR FAR away from catching out the FBI or CIA faking an Osama Bin Laden tape. That's your lack of perspective.

And your BP links seem to be pointing out photos of little significance. Seems to me they have just compiled images into one to get a better image. Like an estate agent might crop out a pylon from a shot of a house he is selling.

Sorry, but this is boring. You are not demonstrating anything sinister.

get me a photo of George Bush spitting blood on a child's face. That's the level we need. This stuff you bring is making me feel there IS no conspiracy going on.

>>So Alex Jones lied and you caught him out - so far, as mentioned, I have found his research to be satisfactory.

If you listen to his show he says the government "now admit they want to poison your water with lithium to make you sterile."

I suppose if I were to ask you what efforts you went into to prove that you could show me?
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