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Default Re: I think it to be true!

>>my guess is that Venezuela that will be found to be in breach of some "regulation" as set down by the world's policeman

I think it would take more than that to allow us to invade. It would take another 9/11.

I don't think the public will buy another 9/11, especially if it involves another country other than an arabic one. If Venzuela attacked the US like 9/11 and we invaded it would just look too crazy now. 9/11 culminated along a steady line of terrorist attacks by arabs against us and our allies. Venezuela does not have this. All their attacks are verbal. I suppose if Chavez called Obama a gayboy that might do it.

Nah. It's Iran or nobody.

But if Venezuela suffered a massive earthquake...we may feel bound to assist. But how would you get from that to taking over the oil? Nah.

I don't buy this depression thing either. The way the world is set up now it would only really hit the country it began in. If the USA went into a depression then countries like Venezuela would stay afloat because they are independant already. None of the NEW WORLD ORDER theories makes sense.

I really don't think it is going to happen.

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