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Default Re: Masonic/Illuminati In Your Face In Israel. Jerry Golden Report...

Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
The Golden Report has some interesting stuff, doesnt TB, especially that supreme court building.

You know, I am going to continue to pest you good people until I get an answer, to repeat:

What is the true meaning of the Compass and the G? Come on all you Mason experts out there. I could never find the meaning myself by surfin.
I am a Freemason and a Christian and have been for years. I have moved up very quickly in the ranking and studied for hours the significant symbolism. I am very close to people at the top of our organization and am as familiar with these answers as anyone I know. Many of my fellow Masonic Leaders are themselves Jews (some even Zionists).

First of all, I WILL NOT argue with anyone in defense of the Order or it's symbolism any more than I would argue in defense of God and His Law. They stand for themselves as cornerstones of multigenerational truth. The reason the Ceremonies and Symbolisms of Freemasonry are kept proprietary is to preserve their integrity and truths from distortions. This doesn't stop cults or other perverted organizations from adopting it's symbols in an attempt to clandest the image and symbolism of it's true purpose. This, of course, leads to theoratitions and conspiratist from making assumptions as you have done here, but that is understandable.

I would be glad to answer any questions you have within the realm of my obligation if anyone would like to email me directly.

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