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Default Re: Keep Sundays Special, Conspiracy Theorists.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I'm not going to go through all these points AGAIN. You can find the main arguments debunking ALL THESE POINTS on the internet. Go and have a look.

You will obviously NOT do this, as you don't want to spend a second debunking anything. I challenge you to do it. Spend a few hours DEBUNKING. It will open you eyes.
You have not gone through any points so if you do so now it will not be considered that you're doing it again.

I cannot search the web and find any main arguments debunking ALL THESE POINTS because you haven't provided any main arguments or any points.

Therefore, I would have no clue how to instigate a search.

Since you are the person who has stated that he has debunked all conspiracy theories regarding 911 and the government's version and has a version of his own which falls into the suspicious zone, the burden of proof falls in your lap and not mine.

I suggest that you spend a second providing the forum with information that debunks all that which you say you've debunked, because, thus far, you haven't spent a second debunking anything that you say you've debunked.

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