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Default Re: "Beyond 2012 - Geoff Stray" WAW

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Maybe the Mayans were a society of David Ickes thrown out for being constantly wrong.
Interesting. I thought David Icke lived after the Mayans. How could the Mayans be his society?

The Mayans obviously were human like everyone else here. They believed in creating chaos to solve problems. If there was trouble between people, they set a hut on fire and then worked together to clear the problem and other problems they couldn't face with maturity.

All dieties, except for the Indian Goddess Shiva, were created out of thin air and the imagination. Even the ability to rise to the level of god, doesn't happen in the physical realm. It's just a temporary state of euphoria. Death finishes everybody, but not every soul or energy. Stare at the darkness and find a new gamma ray to label in 2013. You'll be a millionare for just pretending to believe in your imagination when you publish your findings and preach your sermon.

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