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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

im going to tell you somthing that will proove without a doubt in your mind it is a freemason site. i was dicussing on ats with another member about the hollow moon. next thing my input was disabeld then i found myself in a page in the david icke forum. and just yesterday i posted on that forum and put a link that had proof icke isa freemason. i dont know how true this is i was just passing intristing information in the free mason conspiracy board. then i got bannd from david icke form for finding that. and the thread erased. anyone here has membership to that forum you can check on this in the secret socciotys section of the forum. there is bound to be talk about it. just mention my name. the user name i log in here with. i cant get any explaination from ats why i was put in that forum. that right thats what they did. without no warning or my permission. in ats i was posting about a book i saw at my library in 1975. that had photos of huge machions mineing on the moon. these machions was huge. about the size of road island. they were a off white in color. just like the moon. if you surf the net about them you may find it. or chech at a good library. its maybe titled -mineing on the moon-
the title of thst book i saw had the words mineing and moon on it that i remember. anyway after posting that is when i was sent to david icke forum. i was typeing my post and then im in david icke forum. i have the same avator in ats as the one you see now next to this post. and the same in david icke forum. with my same user name. you can go there and look if you want proof. anyway ats is strange and theres more that ats is not telling. in the david icke forum my user name was kbeet. and the posts are signed ....regards kerry. in ats and in david icke forums. same avator. here i use my real first name as my user name

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