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You reposted this:
"Rushdoony taught that every aspect of society should be based upon Biblical law, which includes death by stoning for practicing homosexuals. His work greatly influenced the political agenda of the Religious Right."

Are you also a practicing homosexual truebeLIEver
or just a non-practicing homosexual?
Don't worry, neither Rushdoony nor rushdoony
really believes what others incorrectly say about

Fundamentalist Atheists like yourself
truebeLIEver are really not that smart.
I have found 1001 lies and deceptions in your posts. Like the one I saw today about
criticizing "suits" yet look at that
annoying mug ( photo ) of yours.

You are not the dictator of this site
truebeLIEver determining what is truth
and what is falsehood. Get that smug
look off your photo. I *art in your
general direction. Your self-conceit
needs to be brought down many notches
so your self-esteem matches your much lower
IQ and lack of common sense.

By the way I don't think you would be too hard
to find so if some smart intellectual
wanted to come down there and give you
a verbal, non-violent attitude adjustment
he/she could do so. The verbal scolding
would probably leave truebeLIEver in tears
because my analysis of the liars writings
has concluded that he is an intellectual wet rag. I called you "he" and apologise if you are
transsexual, transvestite or a crossdresser.
In that case I should use "she" instead!
All homosexuals thank you for defending them.

Also truebeLIEver, stop being like
a bull in a china shop, and learn the
simple lesson of minding your own
business and staying out of other people's
affairs. This one annoying trait of yours clearly
shows your bad moral character and bad faith.
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