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Default Re: The Earth IS Moving!

Yeah, The Earth Is Moving :-o :-o :-o

Otherwise, It Depends On What Kind Of Stuff You Are Smoking

As everyone else explained, the reason the helicopter doesn’t fly off to California, when hovering over NY for 4 hrs, is the same reason why if you jumped inside a commercial jetliner you don’t hit the back of the plane at a few hundred miles per hour. Everything inside the plane has become part of that relative frame. The entire frame is moving together, including the coffee inside the cups.

Another good example is the one where a group of people go inside an airplane that has its windows sealed, so that you can’t look outside (at the earth frame of reference). Then the airplane takes a vertical dive towards the ground. Now, the plane & the passengers are all falling together, except now instead of feeling that you are falling towards the earth, since your frame of reference is the inside of the plane, you instead feel, or are under the perception, that you are “weightless”. During the fall, you can literally push yourself away from the inside of the plane & fly as if you were experiencing almost no gravity whatsoever.

You might want to check w/ Richard C. Hoagland ( He used to be a very well respected scientist at NASA. But now that he doesn’t work for them & he is just an independent researcher, he constantly finds fault w/ a lot of the NASA findings, where he claims they are either leaving things out or flat out lying about it, he is very much repudiated. However, he talks about the rotation of the earth around the sun not being an even 365 days a year. The way science accounts for this unevenness is by adding leap-seconds to our year. You can read about it here (search for “earth’s rotation”),

The "Age of Horus" Dawns Or The Time is Now ...

I personally believe that Richard is one of the very few scientists around our planet that actually tells it like it is. I believe he stands for truth & he wants to share his gained knowledge & findings w/ the rest of humanity.

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