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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by TrailerParkBoy View Post
kerry, ive seen some of your posts on d.icke site.

dont you claim to have witnessed wtc plane impacts and photograped tail section "hanging out" of a tower?
yes i do and i was there and saw it and i saw the whole thing after the first plane hit that i dident see but i did see the other plane hit the other building.
i posted vedios of the 2nd plane hiting the 2nd tower and ill tell you somthing else. go back there and tell them i posted about david icke intentuly to get bannd because i dont want it there to tempt me to look in it. i never saw such a bunch of neons with such down attitudes the forums maybe full of muslems from what i see. you cant show anyone there proof you tell truth and they make you a liar that forum and its users suck. remember my other post in here telling how i got into the david icke forum. it was not my choice.
but it was my choice how i go and shuting the door behind me. and locking it.. you tell them
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