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Default Re: Warning. Above Top Secret is a CIA/Freemason front!

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
Actually, our senior staff-member, "Alien," attempted to work with you extensively regarding your misunderstanding the rather simple rules of decorum. Unfortunately, it seems as though you refused to accept his explanations.
Just wonderin.'

Is there some reason, TheSkepticGuy, why you think Kerry is so important that you must follow him to this forum from the forum wherein you reside and he is a member in order to explain that your senior staff-member, "Alien" attempted to work with him extensively regarding his misunderstanding about the rather simple rules of decorum?

Like I said.

We at CC are not interested in hearing about "in-house" fighting that occurs at other forums.

Please refrain from posting about such on this forum or you will be banned.


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