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Default Re: Is the Mafia Behind the 'Counter Culture'?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Sounds like you're not in control of your mind.
There isn't any sound on this forum. I haven't heard anything about the fashion industry. I have experienced and have known models who were manipulated in the industry. They too were subjected to "handling" as you so rigorously explain on your victimization Music Industry thread.

As for controlling my mind, I enjoy outbursts occasionally, yes. It clears my mind as opposed to being strapped by others' projections. I enjoy experimenting with different cultural/religious forms of psychosis as well. It creates an interesting insight into the multiplex of icons which cross into every generation. I am amazed at both your and Albie-damn's freedom of speech with these regards. Surely you're bored with your own personality to such an extent you'd prefer to talk about me instead of yourself or a topic in the news.

I have no intention of analyzing you, BlueAngel nor Albie, however if you like to have me outburst on your forum, keep up your personal insults towards me. I'll gladly oblidge. Noone is sacred imo, not even myself. It is a sacrifice I embrace.

Albie-damned said, [Alex Jones'] callers are morons 75% of the time. They've been pushed into Jew hating, police bashing, mistrust of anyone. I will not include myself with Albie-damned nor any of the other people who listen to Alex Jones for the very fact which Albie-damned declared so vehemently. It appears Albie-damned and the other callers are a discredit to humanity. If that statement in itself is an indication I do not control my mind, then so be it, monkey.
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