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Default Re: Is the Mafia Behind the 'Counter Culture'?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
You don't need to set up a cool mafia to make the idea of power and money and danger cool too. You don't need Rambo to make the idea of a gun cool. These things just are because they answer a primative need. So where did that primative need stem from?

God? chance?

You can always take any problem with the world back to one of these. I blame both.

I blame the hippies from the sixties. where else did you find drugs and promiscuous sex come into such fashion? And crime too. They sponsored chaos, attacking "the man" lawlessness. They wanted to replace the idea of law with love, not realising that very few people love at all.

Then you have the shop stewards, stoking up worker revolts, making a lot of people bitter about their place in society. They promised the working man so much that they couldn't deliver that many of those workers dropped out and became criminals.

and last of all we have the conspiracy theorists, who prey on the weak minded, the bitter , the paranoid, the mentally ill. Listen to an Alex Jones program, and see what I mean. His callers are morons 75% of the time. They've been pushed into Jew hating, police bashing, mistrust of anyone.

Counter culture.
Congratulations albie!

You have succeeded in revealing yourself as superficial, tuppence ha'penny conservative reactionary type.

The only individual you are likely to out-speak using rhetoric like this is a child's hand puppet!
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