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Default SGG is Agent of New World Order, say sources

By Shabbir Azim

Questions surround a new security start-up that is building on plans to create a massive private intelligence network to aid government intelligence agencies, says a source who believes the project is more than meets the eye.

Securitas Global Group (SGG) is a super secret international corporate octopus, founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs and assembled from a variety of different businesses. Some have even gone as far as to say the firm is really a 'Shadow Government' and is at the beckon call of intelligence agencies. The goal of SGG is to create the largest private intelligence outfit in the world (and some say beyond, with plans to take intelligence communications to space). "The posts held by SGG officers are cryptic. they are part of a complex international intelligence and communications web (an interconnected control system) which links Tri-lateralist plans, the Council on Foreign relations, the Illuminati and other interlocking groups", says once source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Financed by private money from Max Baumann, SGG is a privately held company with an undergound corporate headquarters located somewhere in Virginia. The mandate if SGG, says our source, is the disruption of Islam and the growth of Islam in the United States. They are crusaders for the war on terror and are strong supporters of Bush/Cheney. The center of SGG operations, says the source, is unknown. Some believe the company operates from Israel, while other believe Washington D.C. or London is the central headquarters.

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