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Default Re: I have a question| has a goverment ever planned a attack on its own country 2 pro

Hitlers Reighstag fire...he burned down the capitol building where congress met (im speaking in "american government terms") blamed the jews and came up with the Reichstag fire decree, which was almost like the patriot act except that it gave all power to the executive branch.27 Feb 1933

Jewish Youth Herschel Grynszpan Shoots German Diplomat, Ernst vom Rath, Triggering Kristallnacht

Again he did it when he invaded poland. He dressed a mentally challenged boy as a uniformed polish soldier and said he was under attack. The result, he was simply defending his country from the polish. ( couldnt find the links to back this up but im sure it was the polish...

also look up operation Northwoods...or maybe its blackwoods...1960's plan to go to war with cuba in a 9/11 style bombing of an airplane flying with college students from miami to mexico
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