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well...wrestling is fake to an extent...a fall from 20 feet is still a fall from 20 feet no matter how you look at it. The chairs are real too, believe it or not. You can sit in them and use them as a weapon. You just have to learn how to take a hit, in the same way you learned how to gotta fall a few times! They still "blade" themselves so they bleed when hit...thats still a cut, we all know paper cuts are the worst!!!

Injuries do really happen, a move goes wrong, people arent in the right place, arms, legs, necks do get broken. I was a lighting guy for WWE for a little over 2 years and saw some of the dumbest skits. I've seen some of the most poorly exectuted moves with real consequences. But since we are on the topic about what is you really think napolean dynomite is an actual person? Did you think the matrix actually happened? The labrinthe isnt really a place and Bambi's mom didnt really it?
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