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Default Re: "The Pentagons New Map"...Lays It ALL Out...

You know, it just makes me sick because I'm a victim/survivor of MKULTRA/Project Monarch and I KNOW that I was used to sexually blackmail politicians and to satisfy the sexual deviant behavior of those in the CULT/NWO and others.

WHOMEVER!!! Prime ministers, leaders of other countries, etc. and those moving up the ranks like you said to help further their agenda. Future American presidents, etc.

HOWEVER, I don't like to speak about it because there isn't anyone within my family or outside of my family who can verify what I awakened to shortly after 911. There has been some verification from one family member about me being used for Mafia pornography. Other than that, most of my family members STOPPED talking to me when I began inquiring as to our family's past connection to the Mafia, sexual abuse, CIA, etc.

Deep sleep for 30 years? Perhaps!! Suicide or fight to stay alive? Those were my options when I awoke.

I DON'T know why they didn't kill me. I don't know if I escaped; someone helped me break free; or if they set me free for some future political agenda upon awakening or if they wanted to see if I would carry out my orders and suicide. I mean, possibly they've been experimenting with me ever since and when 911 happened maybe my que to awake and suicide because there are some things I remember (intelligence perhaps) that I'm sure if they can't discredit me don't want me to talk about.

Certainly, they have no problem with murder.

I knew the voice that was instructing me to suicide was not MINE. There wasn't any reason for me to want to DIE. And, there were instructions not to because of some political reason. Perhaps, not the NWO but people who are trying to expose them.

I have literally been through HELL and back but I'm not here to cry on anybody's shoulder.

The only evidence I have are my memories and the butterfly etched on my left hand along with other carvings and scars.

I can't stand these men!! I loathe them!!!
My government did not protect me so, therefore, my reality tells me and from what I remember that they have no allegiance to protecting American citizens or anyone for that matter except for their own skin.

WE are all GUNIEA PIGS to them!! Peasants!! Slaves!!

Anyway, what I meant about the OWL and EYES is that this is what they told mind control victims.

When we weren't in their presence, they would be able to watch us from the sky (eye in the sky). The could see us from all directions like the freakin' OWL at Bohemian Grove.

Alright!! Enough of the personal stuff!!


And, you're right!! I don't think they can man the web against all those who oppose them or are trying to get the information out there and expose them.

The WEB is one reason I remained intact because literally I didn't know what the hell was happening to me, but when the words "satanic cult," it's a "government cult" kept popping up, I thought I was, well, you know, one of those other people out there; adults with suppressed memories of SRA who have been discredited by the FMSF (CIA FRONT) and children who claim to have experienced abuse at Presidio, etc. (satanic, sexual abuse).

I will tell you though that Project Monarch is TORTURE!! and when you're tortured like that from childhood, you are owned by them and you follow orders. You have no mind of your own. No free will. You are their slave without brain, heart or courage. Can't think for yourself.

You realize that they have no regard for human life whatsoever or inflicting pain. "Sadistic Pigs" is what they are. Psychopaths. Pedophiles.

However, I never did like following the crowd or taking orders and I always knew that what they were doing was WRONG!!!

I wrote about it through poetry when I was a child and perhaps the reason they went through great effort to discredit me back then.

They have gone through great effort in present, but I don't believe they have succeeded.

I prefer to be a "lone wolf." Too many imposters out there!!

:-( :-? :-P
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