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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

More on the Dinosaur Conspiracy:

Are Birds Dinosaurs?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this essay, Bakker wrote this book to try to establish the theory that birds not only descended from dinosaurs, birds are dinosaurs.
Bakker claims birds are dinosaurs because they evolved from dinosaurs. This is important to evolutionists because once birds are classified as dinosaurs, then evolution must be true by definition.

Anyone smarter than a potato can see that birds are significantly different from dinosaurs. Birds are not dinosaurs. Yet the big lie technique (that is, if you tell a big lie often enough, and loud enough, people will accept it) seems to be working. Even Yale paleontologist John Ostrom believes it. 26

It used to be that dinosaurs were thought to be cold-blooded because they evolved from reptiles. Now it is believed that they are warm-blooded because they evolved into birds. They canít have it both ways.

Evolutionists have to deal with the issue of whether cold-blooded reptiles evolved into warm-blooded dinosaurs, or cold-blooded dinosaurs evolved into warm-blooded birds. The differences between cold blood and warm blood are so different, that they try to avoid it.
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