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Default Re: Stewart, Colbert, Maher, Letterman, et. al.

Oh, gosh.

How sad this country is when one feels it is necessary to apologize to Jon Stewart for anything they say about him.

Jon Stewart is a political satirist.

He is unimportant.

He pokes fun at everyone.

Does he ever apologize?

The answer is a resounding, "no."

His brother is the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange.

Does Jon Stewart apologize to us for that?

Rick Sanchez' wife apologizes for her husband's comments about Jon Stewart and Rick, himself, apologizes to Jon Stewart.

How sad.

I just wonder.

Why on earth does Rick Sanchez feel the need to apologize to Jon Stewart?

Jon Stewart, I mean Jon Leibowitz, is unimportant.

Oh, I already said that, didn't I?

Rick Sanchez's Wife Blames 'Exhaustion' for His Meltdown |

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