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Default Re: Stewart, Colbert, Maher, Letterman, et. al.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) was neither humored nor pleased with Stephen Colbert's recent testimony before the House Judiciary committee's subcommittee on immigration, calling it an embarrassment for the Comedy Central host.

I think his testimony was not appropriate," said Hoyer, during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday." "I think it was an embarrassment for Mr. Colbert more than the House."

"You asked me, Chris [Wallace] whether the testimony was appropriate," he added. "I think it was not appropriate."

Colbert appeared before the committee on Friday in his trademark unaware, archconservative character to discuss his 10-hour volunteer work as a migrant farm worker. Almost immediately, lawmakers were piqued by the performance, with some cheering him on and others shaking their head in disbelief.

Committee chair John Conyers (D-Mich) asked Colbert to leave the room. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), meanwhile, said she thought the performance was "great" and "appropriate."

"He's an American, right?" said Pelosi. "He came before the committee. He has a point of view. He can bring attention to an important issue like immigration.

I think it's great."

The matter seemed settled there. But preceding Hoyer on "Fox News Sunday," House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) twice attacked Democrats for calling a comedian to Congress at a time when they should be passing jobs bills. Perhaps spooked by the charge or merely reflecting his own viewpoint, Hoyer largely agreed.


The House Majority Leader said that Stephen Colbert's testimony was an embarrassment for Comedy Central.

Are you kidding me?

More like CONGRESS should be embarrassed.

Don't minimize it.

Calling upon a comedian from Comedy Central to testify before Congress about his grueiling ten hours of volunteer work with migrant farm workers sounds like more of an embarrassment to Congress to me than to Comedy Central and, BTW, who cares if Comedy Central is embarrassed?

When my son and I witnessed it on television we looked at each other in disbelief.

We must be watching a clip from "Comedy Central."

Stephen Colbert could not possibly be testifying before Congress about anything.

He's a joke.

But, he was.

I want to know who invited Stephen Colbert to give testimony to Congress about his ten hour volunteer work as a migrant farm worker.

Who considered that anyone would take him seriously?

He's a freakin' comedian.

This is what our country relies upon.

Testimony from a comedian to Congress as to his ten hour volunteer work as a migrant farm worker.

Stephen Colbert is a comedian and not to be taken seriously, but yet CONGRESS calls upon him to testify regarding migrant farm workers.

How pathetic.

Nancy Pelosi thinks it's great.

Just as great as her appearance on "Top Chef."

I suggest you get a reality check, Pelosi.

Stephen Colbert is a comedian.

He makes fun of everyone and everything and, as I've inquired, who on earth is responsible for inviting Colbert to testify before Congress?

Our Congress is suppose to call upon individuals who can testify about serious matters and not comedians who think they can testify about migrant farm workers because they've volunteered for a grueling ten hours of volunteer work in this field.

Hope you didn't hurt your back, Colbert.

Could we please know where Colbert spent these horrible ten hours of volunteer migrant farm work which now classifies him as an expert in this field who can testify before Congress.

Like I said earlier.

Should I bow down and kiss Jon Stewart's feet now or later and Bill Maher's while I'm at it?

Obviously, I should include Colbert's feet, too, because Congress seems to be doing the same.

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