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Default The Lizard Person

I am a Lizard person. I am an ex-illuminati member who decided to flee the corruption and spark up a rebellion against my former superiors. I am asking any one who will listen to join up in my clash against the illuminati. They are evil, they are bad people and bad lizards.I have so much to tell you about the Illuminati's involvement in things. From the death of Michael Jackson to the controlling of the world. Lizard people, the Illuminati, it is ALL REAL! And I am a testamant to that. I am being completely 100% serious. I am a lizard person. I am a shape shifter. I can shape-shift from lizard to human and human to lizard at any time. Because of the great shame I feel about my kind and their involvement in the illuminati, I spend most of my days as a human.I imagine you may have questions about me. Do I eat bugs? Yes. I am a lizard person. I eat bugs, small rodents, even a deer or a bear when I can get one. Well, bears are a bit tougher, but their teeth and claws are no match for my scaly hide. Do I lay in the sun? Yes. Am I afraid of cats? Yes. Don't ask why, I know I am over 7 feet tall, but for some reason cats scare the piss out of me. Do I change colors? No. I am not a chamelion, though they are descendants of my kin. I am but a lizard, though, and cannot change colors. Nor can my tail grow back if it has been ripped off. I'm not that kind of lizard either.Does it hurt to shape shift? What the hell do YOU think? HELL YES it hurts! Think about it, I shift into a form that is under 6 feet tall, compressing my natural bones. THEN I have to shape-shift BACK into a SEVEN FOOT TALL lizard! That hurts like a mother *****er! If you have any other lizard related questions for me, feel free to ask.

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