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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by Gate420 View Post
What A joke for anyone to actually believe the ISS and the shuttle is a hoax is a joke in itself, but A good way to get ppl stirred up. Too many ppl have seen the ISS and the space shuttle with their own eyes for it to be a hoax. What about the sacrifices of the men and women that have lost their lives to space shuttle accidents all the families and the world are involved in your hoax. What an insult this would be to them and their families I hope none of them ever see this!
Presumably Gate you believe 9/11 conspiracy theories are joke as well for who would go to such elaborate lengths in destroying one of the premier building of New York City just to make a point?

And who would go to all that effort in assassinating JFK and framing Lee Harvey Oswald just because he wasn't quite in line?

I mean is this honestly the best you could do in refuting all the evidence I have carefully presented concerning the Space Shuttle and the ISS being a fake?
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