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Default JFK Assassination

This has nothing to do with freemasonry, some people may disagree, but my comments here, have absolutely nothing to do with it, I am only posting it here because I was asked in a thread in this forum to elaborate, and people who read or are following that, will be able to easily find the info here, it is also posted in the opinions section

The Kennedy thing... well, as my interest started off, I thought something was fishy... I looked into the Kennedy assassination full heartedly, and started building a case based on him being killed by insiders, came across the obvious regular information people do when looking into this, the 'magic bullet' theory, 3 shooters, and all that, and was completely convinced that backed with my personal research, Jim Garrison was correct in his assumptions.

Then one day I thought, ok, most believe that there was a shooter to the right on the grassy knoll, and some say another one to the front of the parade, and most would say there was not enough time for oswald to take two, let alone three shots from where he was in the book depository, one can easily deduct how accurate this is by watching the zapruder film in real time, not slow motion.
Between the first shot that penetrated kennedy's chest / neck (the 'magic bullet'), and the kill shot, there is definitley enough time for someone even with only basic long range gun training to reload and get off one, possibly even two shots... although it would only be one, seeing the first shot of the three would be the one that was shot and hit neither kennedy or connelly, but, connelly is quoted as saying he thought he heard it, which is backed up in the zapruder film by him looking towards the grassy knoll before anyone was hit, with a puzzled look on his face.
Before I explain the details of the shots, in a different window, open This picture of the surrounding area (note: the overpass is just out of frame to the left, and kennedy was struck somewhere in between the first black car, and the delivery truck in this picture, and the grassy knoll is the area directly right of those vehicles)
(FIRST SHOT) He didn't look towards the grassy knoll because a shot came from there, he looked because from where they were, and were the shot was fired, it is the most likely place that someone would hear an echo from, as it is the closest enclosed area to the caravan... there is a claim that a man was hit by a stray bullet while standing under the overpass, if this shot was a shot from the grassy knoll that missed kennedys caravan, it would not have went in the direction of the overpass, it wouldve more likely crossed the street, it had to have been shot from behind the caravan, where the depository is

(SECOND SHOT) This shot went through kennedy's neck, and then hit connelly in the right hand, as seen explained in the movie JFK, as well as in many conspiracy theorists reports, people dubbed this the magic bullet, literally changing its path of trajectory after going through the president to hit connelly in the hand directly in front of Kennedy... and this theory seems to hold up to most examination, how could a bullet do that... it couldn't


In kennedys presidential limo, the front passenger seat was actually not directly in front of kennedy as so many assumed, it was actually placed slightly inwards, and lower, than the back seat were kennedy was, after connelly heard the first shot, he turned right, towards the grassy knoll, so he was not facing directly forward as the magic bullet theory suggests, these two factors (the turn, and the seat position,) actually place connellys right hand almost directly in a straight path from the exit wound of kennedys neck IF, the path of trajectory is drawn directly from the far top window of the book depository, and through kennedys neck.

If it is not from the book depository, then it would have had absolutely NO way of striking them both, which led people to believe there was another shooter that hit connelly, this assumption is also based partly on watching the zapruder video in slow motion, which gives the illusion of a time difference that in real time, isn't there, as it happens in a matter of under a second, and I doubt two shooters were that precise with there timing
If the shot line is drawn from either the grassy knoll, or the overpass, it is extremely unlikely it would have hit both of them, however, with connelly placed where he actually was and not where people assume, as I said, the line of trajectory from the book depository is a perfect fit.

(THE KILL SHOT) grassy knoll, or the overpass? well, DEFINITLEY not the overpass, the exit spray of the shot goes forward, towards the overpass, if the shot was from there it would have gone backwards... the grassy knoll? well, from this video (zapruder) you can't say 100% that the shot didn't come from there, but several circumstances point that it didn't.
First, the first two shots I explained came from the book depository, we know this by what I have said above and using the line of trajectory to determine it, there IS enough time for someone with even basic long range rifle experience, such as the ex army sniper oswald, to reload and shoot again, almost exactly 20 seconds, (assuming the video is slow in timing due to how old it is, it would still leave atleast 10 seconds, if not more, which would still be sufficient to reload), so, with this information, it seems very possible that all three shots came from the book depository, but I still haven't proved the third didn't come from the grassy knoll, but think of this...
EVERYONE runs to the grassy knoll when Kennedy is killed... there is no way there was that many heros in the crowd, human nature has shown before that when shots ring out, people run for cover, they don't run towards where the shots came from, maybe one, possibly two would, but in the chaos, most would run and hide, in this case, the grassy knoll is the closest area that offers even minimal cover in the area.
About half the witnesses say they heard shots from the grassy knoll... again, easily explained by the echo effect, the others say the book depository, given the trajectory of the shot that went through kennedys neck, it is very safe to assume that the kill shot followed the same line of trajectory, it exits in the same direction... if you look at autopsy photos (John F Kennedy Autopsy Photos although, these ones try to support a conspiracy by saying he had a tracheotomy were the first bullet "entered from the front", they also say this procedure would be futile, seeing he was missing his brain... i highly doubt they performed a tracheotomy, and the reason for the hole being large IS indeed because it is an exit wound) you will see the exit wound was more on the right side of his head... the grassy knoll was behind him, and to the right, a line of trajectory drawn would show the exit wound would then be on the left side of his head... the book depository, namely, the window they found the rifle at, was behind and to the left of the president, therefor, would leave the exit wound exactly where it is.

All the shots came from the book depository... I have no proof Oswald did or didnt shoot, and I have no proof the government did or didnt set it up... but there was definitley one shooter, and he was definitley in the book depository

I know in words this is alot to take in, I had the aid of drawing diagrams, watching videos, reading, looking at pictures, which all made it way easier for my mind to process, but if at very least you don't understand parts of what I've written, do the same thing, draw pictures, search for pictures, all the evidence I have presented proves truer than anything else I have been able to find

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