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Default Re: The Lizard Person

Originally Posted by Matthewop View Post
You are a little humorous, right? I am lisa. Slim and easy-going...
Hiya Lisa. You sound tasty...erm. I mean cute. I am about 7 feet tall, with long sharp teeth and long sharp claws. I have tons, and I mean TONS of scales on my body, and I am a neon bluish-green color, with yellow eyes.

My body is quite muscular, cause I am a lizard. I have to have strong muscles to control my tail, and my jaw too. I'm a predator of course. One tiny embarrasing fact about me though...I have quite a few scars on my body, due to my running from the cat next door.

I don't know why, but...I really am quite terrified of cats. Maybe it comes from my lizard ancestors, sort of like many humans are afraid of spiders.

Anway, I too, am quite layed back. Oh and my name's "Frog" Guana. I got the nicname "Frog" from the illuminati, cause I used to "croak" people who got in their way.
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