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Default Re: Dystopia Pt. 2

The premise behind the video is defined within the title: Dystopia

If you feel the current state of the world doesn't reflect the scenes I chose, you have every right to your opinion.

Every scene is not going to reflect the lives of every individual- such as yourself, the idea is to follow the psychological struggle of the characters, the dialogue, and scene chronology to better understand how you have or how you would respond if placed in similar situations.

Moreover, the idea is not to glorify the villain, the idea is to challenge the victim to do something about his/her condition after having seen the reflections of his/herself through the characters.

Rather than becoming emotional and spiteful in your replies, how about engaging in respectful dialogue?

Trust me, I can handle 'constructive criticism', you don't have to attack me or resort to foul language to express your ideas!
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