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>>Moreover, the idea is not to glorify the villain, the idea is to challenge the victim to do something about his/her condition after having seen the reflections of his/herself through the characters.

Is a vast contrast to this you said...

>>>Understand that the victim in these scenes is actually yourself, and the choices being made represent the decisions that have brought you to exactly where you are in life.

First you imply we brought evil upon ourselves, then you back pedal and say "oh, the evil people simply reflect something of our personality, oh, oh, don't hurt me, oh, oh. You need to use them to see a bit of yourself, oh, oh, please don't say such nasty words to me, I'm scared of you bad albie man, I'm nothing like you!"

You want us to see the killer inside ourselves? I suppose that will make the killers go away will it? No, it will just create more killers. would Winston have chosen love if he was more like his torturer? No, he would simply want to torture his lady friend. Would seeing the evil inside himself have made him choose love? No. Far from it.

Oh sure, we are A BIT like the Hitcher. So what? You think people don't already know that? You think little old ladies wouldn't be the first to want the death penalty for criminals or gays, or black men? They already know what they are, doesn't mean they have to walk around in a long coat acting like Rutger Hauer.

Your point has no meaning. It is naivety dressed up as insight. We already know we have aggression and hate and lust. What of it?

You think that level of understanding is something you have reached? Naivety.

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