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Who is this "we" you speak of? 95% of the population has no idea of how their world is being manipulated, nor do they realize the fact that they are co-conspirators in their own demise.

Again, just because the victim is yourself (the viewer) does not automatically suggest that the villain is being glorified as a result. The idea is to recognize yourself through the characters, and hopefully decide on how to better prepare yourself once the villain returns in real life.

As the victim, doing something about your situation doesn't mean you have to kill, although depending on circumstance killing is sometimes necessary. Everyone's experience will be different, for some it could represent speaking out, standing up for themselves, getting involved or helping their fellow man.

Doing something, or demonstrating courage over cowardice is not always qualified or disqualified by the extreme of life or death; having said that, based upon the scenes I chose, I can understand how someone might interpret my message as literally being kill or be killed. Figuratively speaking, we do live in a kill or be killed world, but this does not mean actually killing someone is 'always' the correct answer.

The villain's I used represent the powers that be, and of course they kill all the time, we all know that, but again, how we decide to fight them individually and/or collectively remains to be seen.

You said my point behind this video has no meaning, and I respect your opinion; however, the way I see it, currently we live in a state of global dystopia, the problem is that most people (sheeple- which is who the video was made for) are being psychologically conditioned to believe that everything is ok. The message behind this video is to awaken those still caught-up in their delusion, apparently you are not one of those people, but I've posted this video on many forums and I've dialogued with many who in fact have found meaning, for example:


"your editing style is perfectly brilliant, the audio in the revolver was a bit off sync with the media ...however not to much .. I have to admit, the way you repeat the scenes really shows how much is missed when you don't know what to look for..The symbology and the trauma that is used to create the illusion/game that is no where but in their mind.. WOW.. the quality is so brilliant, and clear.. Your dynamic selection of films is eye opening."

Remember, just because you might have a high level of insight, does not automatically suggest that everyone else does also. This video will resonate with some, and it will irritate others, it will inspire some and quite frankly it will baffle others.

Thanks for taking the time to express your opinions!

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