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Originally Posted by albie View Post
It is just the universe pulling you into line. It does the same to me. The repition of numbers is the 666. I drew a big picture of the devil and then I went and looked at my electricity meter and it read 66.6! I get it all the time. It doesn't change your life, it is just a trick. I suppose some may be wowwed by it. I found it fun but now I just think it is a hollow promise.

The universe is taking control of you again. WE ALL USED TO BE STORY FOLK. LIVING IN PRE-SET FICTIONS WITH OUR NEXT LINES PIPED DOWN INTO OUR HEADS. You ever noticed how you hear you thoughts before you say them? Where do they come from? THE NARRATOR. THE STORY GOD.

Call it what you want. The play broke down for a bit, we lost our connection it is back and running and now the universe is pushing you back into being a villain, a hero, a victim, a wise man. A puppet. Coincidence is that on a grand scale. Ever notice how in a film when they are listening to music or watching TV it will often be relevant to the plot of the film? COINCIDENCE IS LINKED WITH STORY TELLING.

Is that positive enough for you?
Not quite sure what ya mean but thanks for taking the time to reply.
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