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Originally Posted by thirtythree View Post
wow u lucky guy you. I thought a mod's job was to moderate and not dish members that have ligit questions. Maybe this is some kind of super conspiracy forum.

I am a lucky, gal.

Just so you know.

A moderator's job is not that which you think it is.

It is that which I think it is, since I am the moderator of this forum and you are not.

I weed out that which isn't relevant to this forum and your question as to why you are seeing the number 33 is not relevant to this forum.

Perhaps you might want to sit on a couch with a professional and ask them why you constantly see the number 33.

Cause, like I said.

No one on this forum knows why you continue to see the number 33, but, we're quite certain that it has no relevance as to the atrocities that are perpetrated upon our world involving conspiracies that are orchestrated by entities that control the universe; it's people and resources.
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