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Originally Posted by thirtythree View Post
People who see 11 in their daily lives is common so why not 33? At this point it doesn't matter. After going though this site,I have noticed how much you enjoy patronizing and intentioally insulting people to get them to react so you may exercise your "super moderatior" power and boot them. Let me save you the trouble...I quit. You are an errogant bully.
It is not common for people to see the number 11 in their daily lives or the number 33 or any number for that matter.

That's your opinion and it is wrong.

Sorry, but you are also wrong in stating that you think I patronize or intentionally insult people on this forum in order to get them to react so I may exercise my "super moderator" power.

I state my opinions.

Nothing more and nothing less.

It is not about trying to make members of this forum react so I can ban them.

How they react to my opinions is of their own free will just the same as how I react to another member's opinion is of my own free will.

I have never once suggested that you were subject to being banned.

In most cases, those who have been banned from this forum have patronized and insulted members; are trolls; etc., and I, along with other members of this forum, TOLERATED THEM long enough until, well, it was just time for them to go because WE had endured their arrogance and abuse longer than we should have but were willing to make sure they were that which we knew they were before we HIT the ban key.

You know of whom and what I speak.

Members who patronize and insult other members in order to try to make them react which takes away from the purpose of Club Conspiracy.

We are sorry that you don't like my opinions and desire to leave, but we wish you well.

Peace out,

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