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>>Again, just because the victim is yourself (the viewer) does not automatically suggest that the villain is being glorified as a result.

I'm not saying you ARE glorifying the villain. I never imagined you did.

>>The villain's I used represent the powers that be, and of course they kill all the time, we all know that, but again, how we decide to fight them individually and/or collectively remains to be seen.

They do not kill by giving us an option- unless you count the army in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. It is not about cowardice. It is about stupidity. People are stupid. Our government do not rule us because they took power, but because we lost it. Do we create them? Do we enforce their evil? Only out of ignorance, not fear. It is the same flaw as the conspiracy theorist falls for. he assumes his evidence is FACT and 100% PROOF. It isn't. If every person on this planet watched your videos they would still not be IN THE KNOW. Because there is no 100% proof that reality is as you believe.

They are ignorant because a) there is really nothing to know b) the villains were clever enough to hide their acts.

You say this yourself.

>>Who is this "we" you speak of? 95% of the population has no idea of how their world is being manipulated, nor do they realize the fact that they are co-conspirators in their own demise.

If they do not KNOW then they cannot be afraid. They do not believe they even are being manipulated, nor do they know what they have lost. They are not afraid of government because THEY SIDE WITH THEM. Most of them do, anyway. That is NOT fear. That is laziness and their own fascist tendencies.


YOU WANT TO MAKE THEM AFRAID WITH YOUR VIDEOS. You want to demoralise them with scenes of verbal torture and miserable manipulative music. Then you can gather them up in your guru arms and kiss them better.

Which is the whole point for you. To be the saviour guru.

They play the villain YOU play the wiseman. You're both manipulative.

Gurus would have us believe that we came from a perfect state of bliss. yeah? so where did all this evil come from? It came from us. We deserve this world. We like it. It isn't forced on us by the government. We let them do it because they ARE us. When we no longer agree with it then it will stop. You are just one of the lone voices who do not agree. Fine, stay out of it.

"This world is so horrible!" translates as "most of the people on this planet are so horrible. I don't like it. I think I will trick people into being more like me."
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