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>>You said my point behind this video has no meaning, and I respect your opinion; however, the way I see it, currently we live in a state of global dystopia, the problem is that most people (sheeple- which is who the video was made for) are being psychologically conditioned to believe that everything is ok. The message behind this video is to awaken those still caught-up in their delusion,

Oh, you think this wakens people up? How? Where are the facts? All i see is miserable music designed to put the viewer in a state of despair and bits out of horror films which do not reflect at all the situation of the governmental control system. The Hitcher? Jim picks up a man in the rain, showing compassion, and for that he goes through hell? So we should not show compassion? Even the 1984 scene is wildly out of place. Unless you want to go back to Iraq ten years ago under Saddam. What government demands love or pain? the whole thing is so exaggerated it will be instantly ridiculed by the vast majority of people. anyone who likes this will already be conspiracy nuts. The choir, preacher.

The people on this planet aren't controlled by fear, they are controlled by their comfy sofas and TVs. And by the fact that the government really aren't doing much against us at all. They don't need to, BECAUSE WE DON'T CARE IF THEY BOMB AFGHANISTAN. They could be annhilating entire races and we wouldn't care. Because WE ARE EVIL.

Go out into the street and try and get signatures for a petition to stop the war in Afghanistan. See how many people just brush past you. That's not fear of Big Brother. THAT's "I DO NOT GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT IT."


You are living in a land of EVIL. Get it?

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