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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Originally Posted by Matickar View Post
My mind is always open, I never shut down an idea unless I have studied it to my satisfaction and found reason for it, and even then, will listen to the arguments of others to see if my reasoning can be proven wrong

now, don't get all defensive, I am not saying you don't, just that I do, I believe the comment I wrote that you are referring to was directed to conspiracy theorists in general who shoot down masonry and have no care to listen to someone elses opinion on it, if this is not you, then thank you for lending an ear
We, at CC, have listened to many Freemasonry members who come to this forum in an effort to convince US that they belong to a wonderful fraternity.

I see no reason why they even come to this forum, but they do.

I don't go to their LODGE.

In any event, I always have an ear to lend, but, many times, there comes a point, where I need to request that it be returned to me.

This may be one of those times.

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