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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

As for this...

>>And how do explain the fact that the Sun's UV light can ionize atomic oxygen in the Earth's ionosphere and yet the energy it takes to ionize any atom far exceeds the bond energy of every chemical bond known to man?

Yet again you seem to think only you would see something wrong with the laws of physics. Amazing arrogance and lack of awareness of reality.

If there was a problem like this we would all know about it. There would be discussions on forums about it. Show me them.

What you are saying is that ionization does not occur at all!

I wonder if you mean photodissociation.

If you REALLY had found a problem with the laws of physics then why haven't you taken this to a forum that deals with such subjects? I find that really odd.

Seems to me you are so uncertain about what you are saying that you are scared to. Dump the BS on us why doncha.

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