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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>I have in fact communicated with other persons over the internet who also claimed to have seen a perfectly round ISS.

funny, because earlier in the discussion (below) you say...

>>It is quite possible that many people have noticed that something appears to be quite wrong with NASA and the laws of physics its just that there are very few dedicated specialists out there who are prepared to speak out about it.

Suddenly you have been talking with people? That's convenient. I smell a lie.

>>How do explain the lack of a blue fog in almost all of NASA'a photos which would have resulted from the sky's blue colour?

The atmosphere is only a few miles up from the surface. It would not reach the ISS at all. The blue colour is negated by the reflection of the earth's surface itself. So you don't see it from space. Only on the edge.

It wasn't just the colour effect of the sky glow I was referring to but the FOG.

In the NASA images you would expect to see a BLUE FOG.

Just as on a misty or foggy day on the Earth's surface when white light is scattered by suspended water droplets, a fog will appear on any pictures taken by a camera.

Just so with the images taken of the Earth's surface from space. It isn't just the blue colour but the FOG or MIST.
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