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Wink Re: Erectile Dysfuntion

Hello everyone,
I know what you mean about adverts, I've noticed it as well. It's as if everyone in the adverts are stupid. As you have mentioned, the men are portrayed as being buffoons and the women are either portrayed as being either arrogant and looking down their noses at the men, or as being vacuous.
And some adverts are just so lame it's unbelieveable. The 'evidence' they use to try and convince the viewer to buy the product is so daft. I really hate those Actimel adverts they had on a while ago. Usually they have some line in them which goes something like how 3 out of five people taking actimel said they 'felt less bloated'. Well that's really convincing. anyone would think that all women care about is how windy they are feeling at any given moment.
And those shampoo adverts with weird made up ingredient names. I am pretty sure they just took a few scrabble tiles and threw them over the floor and just made a new word up out of that. Haha.

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