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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

I had to join this forum. as a mason hates true facts, we are all anti-mason.. we are all the "PROFANE". Masons are evil thur and thru. ALL of them..Who would join and swear to secrets they are not told da...dah ???. They are not told of the secrets.. what fools !!! swear to oaths cut their throats,cut there heart out,bury in ponds... rip out organs !!!.let snakes eat there hearts out.
pull eyes out of sockets. sounds childish ,yet masons never spill the beans, do they ??
The 33rd's laugh at the low level,low life dogs.
Among Masonic symbols the beehive is called the "symbol of industry". No wonder, each worker is a "dumbed-down" bee who works for free When extracting honey from the pollen these worker-bees do all the work, while the shifty "priests" live the good life inseminating their bisexual-androgynous "queen".

- In Masonry "the Lost Word" is a password. This password is DESDEMONA. She is the "dumb wife" in Shakespear's play Othello who took all the blame for everything that went wrong in HIS life. The word Desdemona means "destroy the demon female"
NO MASON can "argie" the truth..there favorite is we "cut & paste".go after masonic authors like Pike,Mann, call um "nuts", old mason ways. we are not like that anymore. They will die "like that"

They rot everthing they touch !!!!.. there children are evil as they are..Look at the bullying in the schools.,Yes, im saying it and backing it, Most are masonic children went evil by there evil parents.
God has been patient, add Karma, Satan kills his own. why u think u can trust satan to protect u ???.. hello !!!!da...dah !!!!!.. All ur ganstalking is done by masonic drones such as dirty masonic cops,dirty masonic judges.....and the scum on the streets, . wonder why ur neighbor never speaks to ?????. You are the "profane".. they hate us.. we are not masonic. (evil)
im ready for arguement...Warning, i go by facts, all documented real juicy truths
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