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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

i think the same, the problem are the people who create nwo and all the other related things and control the people, make experiments...

i doesn`t mind if there are wasps, jewish, black, atheists, christians,satanists, masoners or whatever under them.

we hate them and this is not a question of ethnicity, religion and other things.
nwo-creators have all sorts of ethnicities,religions etc...or say so.

i am an atheist, neither christian nor masoner, communist or nazi or whatever.

what i want is freedom and unity for all people and not the rich elite and to stop the plans of them to create an unfree and controlled world!

i and many others want to life in a good health and social situation and don`t want to be manipulated.

i am european and that doesn`t mind, i like america and the people there but not the leaders.

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