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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

I look for a mason to declare "cut and paste"
My point..
Masons are in all society, all trades,all government....heavy in the medical field, security field...heavy in corrupt judges,dirty cops, on all levels,city,county and state.presidents were and are freemasons.Our government is corrupt because of the low life crooked,evil masons.
Politians...elites such as as Rocketfellers,Rothschilds,Sinclairs,Collins...
Yes, infested with cockroaches.gangstalking the innocents, the singlw women with children,, children bullied at school..PURE EVIL MASONISM !!!
I know gangtalking victims, mostly single women with children.. they go thru hell, as the children in school that are bullied !!!.. God is tired.. !!when u take children, ur own and make evil, GOD IS tired !!!.. when u take major pedophile
rings under masonic control ,God is tired !!
You take Gods wrath, Karma and yes, the devil, the masons are the dogs,
the drones, the worker bees. not a chance, even in hell !!!
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